Winter warming cocoa

On a chilly day – nothing beats a homemade cup of cocoa or hot chocolate.

This exquisite image below from Maja Redlin’s beautiful website showcases this hot drink to perfection.

However the recipe was found somewhere else.

I am trying my hand at this warming recipe tonight (found in Living Space mag, May 2017 issue) and sharing generously with the hubby & our loved-up munchkin Luca!

Mayan Hot Chocolate

Makes 1 cup


3 tbsp quality cocoa powder

1 tsp cinnamon

1 pinch cayenne pepper

1 tsp vanilla extract (i replaced the essense, with more intense extract)

1 cup full-cream milk (perhaps add a dash of cream for extra indulgence)

Honey (to taste)

MIX the cacao, cinnamon, cayenne pepper and vanilla extract together in a mug.

Pour the milk into a glass container & microwave at full power until it begins to boil (approx. 2 minutes)

Slowly pour the hot milk over the mixture in the mug, stirring with a small whisk as you pour.

Add honey to taste – sit back and enjoy surrounded by loved ones OR perhaps the latest episode of Game of Thrones once the little one is snug in bed 😉

Featured image & 1st image above from






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